16 Mar 2020

According to House, three things count in summer: sunny beach, good fun and of course the latest trends. And what if they were combined and added a little friendly rivalry? This was achieved in the Summer Trend Roulette by House campaign, which promotes the brand's collection for the SS20 season.

The wheel of fortune at House serves fashion all the time! Colors rule this season, and in particular their pastel shades. Designers have prepared a wide palette of colors for her and him - from mint and classic blue to stylish beige and gray. People who do not like checkered weather, but love this pattern, as well as lovers of safari climates, will find many suggestions for themselves. However, for those who prefer to look at the stars, House has a lot of models of sweatshirts and T-shirts with zodiacal motifs. When the question is asked - what to wear in spring? - We answer (quickly pressing the game show button) that floral patterns. Especially in the form of airy dresses and blouses. It doesn't hurt to take care of something shiny, e.g. a fluorescent jacket and pants as well as pearl cufflinks. In turn, in the men's closet on the shelf number one must appear comfortable shorts, on the shelf number two a trucker hat, and on the other ones necessarily something denim. Of course, this is not the end of attractions! The wheel keeps spinning, and with it the dots, stripes and exotic patters. The final question is: more than one trend is ...? The correct answer is, of course, House, because everyone wins fashion!

In the spot promoting the collection, letters with the final slogan were reversed by TV star Magda Masny. Known for the iconic game show "Wheel of Fortune" in the 90s. Campaign photos with dinosaurs were taken by Bartek Wieczorek, who is also responsible for directing the film. The scenery is the work of Catharina Van Wyk. The photo session took place in the capital of South Africa - Cape Town.

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